Who's Being You If You're Not?!

authenticity be you finding yourself joe trevors life on your terms living your best life mindfulness show up the abundant mind Apr 30, 2021

As we were preparing to launch the newest version of AbundantMind.ca, I was trying to ensure I was as fully engaged in your progress as possible, and so I sat with where I felt I've been hearing you ask most for help.

Without question, it was largely 'Authenticity'. And for some (I might even go so far as to say 'most'), it's not that you're even consciously aware of your need for help in that realm...and yet you're all struggling with challenges that - were you able (read 'willing') to be more authentic, more genuine in how you're showing up, you'd be well on your way to better managing (AND overcoming) what's challenging you most. 

So, with that said, we launched a 6 module, 49 lesson course (you can access it here if you'd like) within the new platform, and I felt it appropriate to encourage you to look at authenticity (not pushing you toward my course, but genuinely asking you to take a look inside YOU...inside SELF). 

How are you showing up today?

Who are you showing up as?

If I were to force you to sit in the present moment, would you know who you are, and would you feel 'on track'?

If not, that's a starting point. A cue. 


If you've been struggling with 'being everything to everyone' - everyone but yourself, that is, is it maybe time to find out just who you are? 

And knowing that just finding is not enough, where do you take this newfound 'self' after that?!


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